Introduction to course

Hi there,

Welcome to the Free Motion Quilting For Beginners Course to get you started on free motion quilting on your machine.

I am so excited that you are here.

I am Amira, the blogger and quilter behind The Little Mushroom Cap, TLMC where I share my quilting projects and tutorials on various quilting techniques including free motion quilting.
If you have been wanting to try free motion quilt on your own machine but just don’t know how to start, you are in the right place.

Getting to free motion quilt on your own domestic machine is so satisfying, and a lot of fun.

If you can free motion quilt on your own machine, you'll be able to
  • Save money as you won’t need to send it to a professional quilter and you don’t need to buy an expensive long arm machine
You can then create charity quilt and gifts at no extra cost than just using whats already in your stash and getting it all done on your very own machine
  • explore a new additional creative outlet where you can freely add more of you to your creation
  • and finish a quilt at your chosen pace and no cueing at the professional long arm. Talk about some last minute gift.

Once you’ve mastered free motion quilting, you’ll discover the potential of free motion quilting to quilt various motifs other than just straight lines. You can incorporate various motifs onto your quilt, making them more customised and inject a little more of you into the quilt.

I certainly have enjoyed free motion quilting and love that the fact now that I have mastered it, I can either quickly get a quilt finished or take time and enjoy custom quilting it.

And I would love to teach you to start free motion quilting on your machine so you can enjoy making your own quilt from the very start to the end too.
So, let's do this together okay?

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